Alien Weed

This thistle-like thing is gigantic. I have no idea what it is and we’ve never had one growing in the yard until late last summer when it showed up in strawberries. I dug it out, but couldn’t pull the root so I chopped it off below the surface. It started growing again this spring. With so much going on getting the garden ready and making a couple of unplanned trips to Iowa in April, I didn’t get it to when it was small.

Neil dug it out with a spade, but not before I took this photo to document this alien thing. For perspective, that mess fence is 15 inches tall! See what I mean? HUGE! He dug down about a 8 inches and then I doused the root with Round Up. I’m normally not a fan, but I keep it on hand to deal with stubborn thistles, nightshade vine and the little mulberry trees that pop up along the fence. (Thanks a lot, birds!)

If you know what this thing is, please let me know in the comments. This is our 12th spring in this house and it’s a new one to me.



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