July 9

Spent more time sweating in the garden today. I ripped out the Romaine and lettuce that was had gone to seed, tilled the soil, and added composted manure (especially aromatic when it’s 90°) and soil. I had a few tomato seedlings in Red Solo cups (you’re welcome for putting that song in your head) so I planted five of them in there. I didn’t even bother checking if it was bad to plant tomatoes by broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Even if they only produce 50% of normal it will be a win. I finished the drip irrigation in the bed too.

This is what happens when I snap a quick photo and don’t look at my phone before moving on. Anyway, the leaves are from the river birch trees. Every spring it’s so wet that they put on more leaves than they can sustain in the dry summer so then they fall off. It’s no big deal and I figure it will compost the beds they fall into. 

I staked another bunch of peppers plants that needed it. I ran out of stakes and bamboo so I’ll have to make another trip to the garden center tomorrow. Oh darn. I knew this heat and humidity would make the peppers happy. Lots of new ones have appeared in the last day.

California Wonder bell pepper. 
More hot banana peppers. I don’t even know what to do with these. From the looks of the four plants, I’m going to have 35-40 in the first harvest. Any suggestions? 
Caribbean Red Hots (Habanero). These come in at about 450 Scovilles, putting them in the top 10-15 depending on the list. For comparison, jalapenos are 2,000-8,000 Scovilles. 
The tag on these at the nursery said poblanos, which we love. Unfortunately, it looks like these were mislabeled. Pretty sure these are cayenne peppers. 
I planted four of them and they’re all covered in peppers. Guess I’ll be drying and grinding a lot of these babies in a couple of months. Plus side, I won’t have to buy cayenne pepper at the store for a year or two. 
The tomatillos are finally setting fruit too. 
Look at those baby green beans. Can’t wait for them to get bigger! I am not sure which I love more, fresh green beans or fresh tomatoes. 
Those little leaves are the start of an ear of corn!

Thanks for stopping by. I can see that I’ve had visitors even if no one ever comments. 😉

June 18

Sometimes the nerd in me thinks it would be amazing to set up a time lapse camera on the veggies so I can literally see them grow so fast. 
Dug up the strawberries because they were old and not producing as much. Replaced them with more tomatoes because why the hell not? 🙂