Happy Mother’s Day!

After a lovely breakfast in bed served by the kids, I had just enough time to plant tomatoes before we had to shower and go to Emma and Andy’s orchestra concert.

This is a new variety of Roma tomato. Can’t wait to see if it lives up to the hype. 
After digging a hole, I add a pinch of ground up eggshells. The calcium helps prevent blossom end rot.
Fill the hole with water so the roots get a good drink right away.


I remove most of the leaves and plant two thirds of the stem underground. This allows the plant to grow even more roots and makes them stronger and healthier. 
All planted. I also trim any leaves to keep the from touching the ground to prevent any diseases from spreading to the plant. 
I’ve never used this before, but my dad swears by this when transplanting so I’m giving it a try this year. 

Quick tour of the rest of some of the garden.

The Romaine is doing well. Can’t wait for the first Caesar salad. 
The iceberg lettuce is starting to form heads. Doesn’t this look different that the white crap you buy at the store. I might be kidding myself, but I bet this is a little healthier. 
The asparagus is up! I planted dry roots a couple of weeks ago. 
Lots and lots of peppers! 



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