Calla Lily

I bought these calla lilies from the Master Gardener’s sale in May. I really had no idea how they would do, but they were cheap and I needed something for this bed. The first one opened today and it’s gorgeous!

When I bought them, I didn’t realize that calla lilies are rhizomes so they have to be dug up every fall and replanted in the spring. I’ve avoided planting any rhizomes because I like the ease of perennials. These might just make me reconsider that though.


Things Are Happening!

Exciting developments in the garden today! Almost all of the tomatoes have their first blossoms on them. I can almost taste the fresh tomatoes! The broccoli plants are forming their first heads. I tried to grow it the first year of gardening (2014) and I didn’t realize how fast it would be overripe so I’ll be watching it much more closely this year.

I really need to start carrying my big camera out for detail photos. It’s too hard to pinpoint the focus on my cell phone.

Yes, those are tiny little flowers on my tomatoes! I am so excited for fresh tomatoes I can hardly stand it! Just a few more weeks to wait. 
I seriously need to stop using my cell phone to take photos. Anyway, yes, that is the start of a head of broccoli! I’m guessing we’ll be eating fresh broccoli in a couple of weeks if the weather stays warm and sunny.