July 7

It’s been hot and humid all week and the garden has exploded. The tomatoes and peppers especially love it. It takes me a good hour to water every day but it’s worth it to see it grow like this.

Nasturium are such happy little flowers.
So many hot banana peppers. 
See what I mean about growing? 
The first bloom on the Limelight hydrangea. 
A couple of the tomatoes are now taller than me. I need to figure out a way to keep staking them higher. 
I guess the spaghetti squash loves the heat too! That tall vine grew almost a foot in two days. 
Lots of Cajun Belles growing now.
The ferns I bought at the local garden sale seem to love the north side of the house. This spot doesn’t get any direct sun at all so they’re loving it there. 
Tassels are starting to form on the sweet corn!
Perfect weather for corn too. You can’t see it but the lilacs have started pushing out tiny leaves now. 
Carolina Reaper peppers even look wicked when they’re green. 
Anaheim peppers. These are new to me so not sure what I’m doing with them yet.
I finally staked all of the tall peppers so they won’t fall over. The basil on each side are turning into bushes. I should probably harvest some. 



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