May 30

The first strawberry of the year. (I didn’t share.)
Green beans and carrots are coming up!
Romaine and iceberg is growing well. Brussels sprouts and more broccoli planted.
I love lilacs. We have three different varieties planted so we have blooms for about six weeks every spring.
Since I hope to be growing stuff in the cold frame for most of the year, I didn’t want to have to walk in the mud so I put in stepping stones today. The bright green plants on the right is creeping Jenny. In front of the cold frame is Wooly Thyme. It should fill in around the bricks completely and can be walked on. 
The asparagus is really growing. I had no idea this is what it looks like when you don’t pick it.
Lots of wee peppers and tomatillos. 
The weigelas in full bloom.
Blurry photo but I’m really liking how this bed is filling in. 
The cilantro is going crazy. Chives blooming on the left.






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