Garden Tour—May 28, 2016

We’ve been eating the Romaine (back row) already. Front left is mix of spring greens. Front right is spinach. 
Heavy rain a couple of days ago really beat up this delicate curly lettuce, but it will bounce back. 
All of the greens along with two rosemary plants and tiny basil (started from seed) on the black stand. 
Bay Laurel.
I planted a ridiculous number of peppers this year. (That lilac bush had grown two feet over the patio so we trimmed it back hard last weekend. It’s already greening up inside so it will look better soon.) 
I may have gotten carried away with the pepper plants. 
Rainbow Swiss chard in the two left pots. Bush cucumbers in the two right pots. 
Tomatoes in pots. I love this rock bed we built last year. And yes, that is a maple sapling. It started from seed in one of the raised beds last year. We left it all year and dug it up three weeks ago. It survived the transplant so I think we’ll be able to plant it in the yard next spring. Amazing.


Bottom bed is the other new one this year. Top right are three varieties of carrots. The rest of the bed is filled with green beans. I staggered the planting so that we’d have a continuous supply over several weeks. The next bed (with the green fence) has strawberries, potatoes and cabbage. 
Lots of strawberries coming soon! 
This is my first year growing potatoes. They’re definitely doing well. 
Cabbage is growing nicely too. 
The greenhouse bed has four rows of peas on the right (staggered planting) and six new tomatoes plants. The tiny plants on the very right are basil that I started from seed. 
Can’t wait for fresh peas! 
This is the big tomato bed and originally was the only place I was going to put tomatoes. I started all of my tomatoes from seed this year. The greenhouse made a huge difference in having viable plants ready for planting and I just couldn’t throw them away. There is a row of garlic in the middle (bulbs from last year’s crop) and store bought basil on the outside of both long sides. 
I bought two pumpkins from the Master Gardeners sale just for fun. No idea if they’ll grow in this spot, but they were only $2 so it’s a cheap experiment. 
Tomatillos (from Garden Faire) in cages. In front is Hot ‘n Spicy oregano.  
Squeeee! A wee tomatillo already! 
Tomatillos from seed in the green cage. Various succulents in front. Wild geranium on bottom right. Chives in top center. 
This is only part of the cilantro that came up from last year. I haven’t planted any this year.


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